Bootleg: Colin Meloy @ The Zoo, 8.10.05

A solid solo set from the Decemberists’ Colin Meloy from his Picaresque tour. Some rarities: An early “Valencia,” and “Bandit Queen.” Plus the ever-charming “Apology Song.” Enjoy, after the jump.

1. Intro: mp3
2. Leslie Ann Levine: mp3
3. Eli, The Barrow Boy: mp3
4. The Apology Song: mp3
5. Shiny: mp3
6. Shankhill Butchers: mp3
7. Valencia: mp3
8. Bandit Queen: mp3
9. The Gymnast, High Above the Ground: mp3
10. Southern Girls (Cheap Trick cover): mp3

Previously: Live: Colin Meloy at Kerckhoff Grand Salon, UCLA, 1.18.05


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