Bootleg: Joanna Newsom – 1.18.10 Sydney Opera House, Australia

Joanna Newsom performing at the El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, 2006
Joanna Newsom at the El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, 2006

It appears this is it — our first listen to the new crop of Joanna Newsom songs. At one of the opening gigs of her current tour, the harpist played a full hour’s worth of material presumably slated for next month’s Have One On Me, including the 11+ minute (!) title track. (Several of the songs previously surfaced on YouTube.) Is this whole record? Or could there be more?! (Where’s “Esame?”) If it’s all as good as this, there can never be enough. Download the set below. (Bootleg thanks to FanMadeRecordings)

Joanna Newsom @ Sydney Opera House, Australia, 1.18.10

Download the full show: ZIP
(edit, 2017: file no longer available)

1. Introduction
2. Jack Rabbits
3. Bridges and Balloons
4. Band introduction
5. Have One On Me
6. Ribbon Bows
7. In California
8. Easy
9. Inflammatory Wit
10. Soft as Chalk
11. Autumn
12. Emily
13. (Happy 28th Birthday, Joanna!)
14. Peach Plum Pear
15. ’81
16. The Book of Right-On
17. Colleen

Photo by David Greenwald

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