After Pants Yell!: Andrew Churchman Talks ‘Continental European Pop’ Project

With twee heroes Pants Yell! defunct after having played their last shows in May, frontman Andrew Churchman already has plans for his next band.

“[It’s a] continental European pop band… just up the ante a bit and be a little more mature,” he told the Phoning It In podcast on May 8, comparing the new group to Prefab Sprout.

He’s also playing drums in New Jersey’s Fluffy Lumbers, an act associated with Underwater Peoples, as well as a pair of other collaborations.

“We’re working on this collaboration of really cryptic Sonic Youth covers, of all [Kim] Gordon songs,” he told the podcast of a project with British act Sleeping States and noted he’s also making music with his brother.

To grab the podcast, which features acoustic, over-the-phone takes on a few Pants Yell! classics, a brand new song (“Albert Cross”) and a Fluffy Lumbers cover in addition to the interview, visit Phoning It In. [Photo by David Greenwald]

Here’s the new, post-Pants track:

Andrew Churchman – “Albert Cross”: mp3

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