Mandatory Semi-Annual Comic Book Post

I started reading Thunderbolts again, and while it’s not as good as the Kurt Busiek era, Fabian Nicieza is a solid writer and generally knows what he’s doing with these types of characters. I finally picked up Powers: Forever, and man, what a great trade. Bendis and Oeming are such a killer creative team, it’s a shame they’ve basically wasted most of the last year or so of Powers while Bendis was busy wrecking the Marvel universe. I was pleasantly surprised by Apocalypse Vs. Dracula, which was nearly as awesome as it could’ve been (the art was solid but not breathtaking, and for a four issue limited series they could’ve pulled out some more stops on that front). I’m sure the revelations concerning Apocalypse’s descendents will turn up in modern continuity. I love Apocalypse.

On the DC front, I was pretty happy with how Infinity Crisis turned out, and the Superman titles have been great so far. I kind of expect 52 to suck, though, and I can’t really afford to add what comes out to four more comics a month to my pull list.

I’ll post some new Asobi Seksu tracks in the afternoon for you music lovers. Sorry, fellas.

Let me draw your attention to Vain, Selfish & Lazy – an mp3 blog with some of the cleverest, most engrossing writing around. You’ll find it on the blogroll, and of course, right here.

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