"He’s the Zissou"

Photo by David Greenwald

Pagoda is a character in Wes Anderson’s wonderful The Royal Tenenbaums (look up at this blog’s banner and you may recognize a pair of others) but he’s also, apparently, an architecture style. And a rock band. And not just any rock band: Pagoda records for Ecstatic Peace, the label of none other than Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. Need I say more? The band is the project of Michael Pitt, who’s probably quite familiar to you if you’ve seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Pitt also showed off his angry inches in The Dreamers — awkward. Thank about that when you jam this one.

Pagoda – “Lesson Learned”: mp3

(Pagoda is due on Feb. 27 on Ecstatic Peace)


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