Nine New Iron & Wine Songs

Photo by Taleen Kalenderian

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s just been announced that Iron & Wine will release his third full-length, The Shepherd’s Dog, later this year. But it being a holiday and all, he decided to get all romantic on us and give us an early present: on February 8, I&W’s Sam Beam played a solo show at the Pabst Theater and performed a whopping nine new songs. You can download them below. I’m not going to spoil them by writing anything lengthy, but I will say this: listen to the man sing.

Download all the new tracks in one file:

Iron & Wine – Nine New Live Songs, 2/8/07: zip

Or individually:

Iron & Wine – “Die”: mp3
Iron & Wine – “Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car”: mp3
Iron & Wine – “Love Song of the Buzzard”: mp3
Iron & Wine – “House By The Sea”: mp3
Iron & Wine – “Peace Beneath The City”: mp3
Iron & Wine – “Boy With a Coin”: mp3
Iron & Wine – “Carousel”: mp3
Iron & Wine – “Resurrection Fern”: mp3
Iron & Wine – “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”: mp3

(Thanks to the excellent Iron & Wine fan site Passing Afternoon for posting the show. The Shepherd’s Dog is due out in August on Sub Pop Records.)


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