Cuban Linx #3

Photo by David Greenwald

The defunct Arthur Magazine has an unbelievably long article on Joanna Newsom (fitting, really) in its final issue. Like you did for Ys, you’re going to want to get a cup of coffee, be patient and give it a chance; it’s really well-written. Read it here.

Glorious Noise has an enlightening interview with Larry Crane, the guy who very respectfully did the production work on the new Elliott Smith collection, New Moon. As you know, I’m a Smith obsessive and so this answered a lot of my questions.

I’ve been listening to a ton of Beulah lately and remembering how unbelievably hopeless-sounding (and fantastic) a record Yoko is. This semi-recent Prefix interview with ex-frontman Miles Kurosky brings us up to date with the unfortunately defunct band.

Beulah – “A Man Like Me”: mp3

(buy stuff from the band’s site)


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