Live Recordings: Kevin Barnes at Good Records

Photo by David Greenwald

Of Montreal puts on a hell of a show. But frontman (or whatever) Kevin Barnes also excels in more intimate settings, even when he doesn’t take his pants off. Excellent live recordings blog Lullabyes caught Barnes in the act at Good Records in Dallas, Texas, playing acoustic versions of some of his band’s best songs. The singer/guitarist/pop genius also knocked off a few covers, including Olivia Tremor Control’s “Green Typewriters” suite and a couple of older classics.

Kevin Barnes – “I Will” (The Beatles – acoustic live): mp3
Kevin Barnes – “Harvest Moon” (Neil Young – acoustic live): mp3

(Download the rest of the show over at Lullabyes; See my photos from Of Montreal’s Los Angeles performance here)


I will be performing Neil Young songs and maybe a few Dave Greenwald originals on the final episode of Greg and Carman’s The Batcave on today from 4-6 p.m. PST. I’ll probably just be on during the first hour, so tune in. Greg’s graduating next week from school and the radio station, thus ending a long relationship of me playing ill-advised, under-rehearsed acoustic guitar songs to an audience of 20. And that was on a good day.


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