PLEDGE WEEK: I Don’t Mind Spendin’, All It Is Is Paper

Photo by David Greenwald

It’s always a treat to get records from the guys at Team Clermont. Aside from being the most personable fellas in the indie publicity business, they tend to have pretty decent taste — which is why I’m glad they’ve picked up the reissue of the Paper Airplanes’ Boyhood. Boyhood originally dropped back in 2005 to minimal acclaim (read: none) and the reish has yet to take fire in the ol’ blogosphere, so peep these tracks before your friends do:

Paper Airplanes – “The Fences”: mp3
Paper Airplanes – “Julius”: mp3

Basically, if you were disappointed by the new Clap Your Hands album, this is the record for you. And pssst — hey, while you’re here, don’t forget to donate to The Rawking Refuses To Stop! pledge drive!

(Buy Boyhood from 54 40′ or Fight! Records)


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