Ambient Series: Hauschka

Photo by David Greenwald

Hauschka (pronounced “amazing”) is a little off the beaten path of typical Rawking Refuses To Stop! artists. It’s not indie rock, folk or even ambient, really. Instead, Room To Expand is an album of prepared piano — instrumental, modern classical songs performed on a piano fitted with rustling papers and miscalaneous objects between its strings. The quirky qualities they imbue the music with fit beautifully. The horn section that appears on a few tracks is an even more welcome addition. This is the record that, along with Victor Bermon, got me through all the reading I had to do for finals — but it’s two weeks later and I’m still listening.

See you on Sunday, folks.

Hauschka – “La Dilettante”: mp3
Hauschka – “Chicago Morning”: mp3

(Room To Expand is out now on FatCat — which has an exclusive non-album MP3)


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