Cuban Linx #6

Elliott Smith’s New Moon leaked (and is, predictably, fantastic). So the “Rough Guide” to it that I wrote recently is now a little less rough.

You can stream the entire new Feist album, The Reminder, on her MySpace. My advice is to skip tracks 4 and 5. The rest is great.

Wolf-Notes is dead. Long live Good Hodgkinsagain.

Pitchfork has a great Lucky Soul track here. Talk about an album that’s chock-full of singles.

Self-promotion: Read my Daily Bruin Q&A with Junior Boys here. Also, I was interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor for an article about blogging:

“A leak is only going to hurt album sales if the album itself is bad,”
says blogger Greenwald. For the major record labels, who are invested
heavily in retail, he notes, the fear is that no one will buy the album.
“That happens,” he says, “because a lot of the bands are not very

Not a bad way to close an article, if I do say so myself.


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