Live: All Tomorrow’s Parties 2004 @ The Queen Mary, Long Beach: Day 1

Sufjan Stevens / all photos by David Greenwald

I told you to watch out for this and here it is: All Tomorrow’s Parties at the Queen Mary in 2004 was one of the best festivals I ever attended. The lineup was unbelievable, the performances were mostly great and unlike the untamed masses of Coachella, having 2,000 or so attendees made getting between the two stages manageable. Here are my best shots from the first day, with the second coming tomorrow. I’ve also posted larger galleries for Sufjan Stevens and the Shins, if you’d like to see more of them.

The Walkmen (who I should’ve skipped to see Wolf Parade, actually)

Modest Mouse, the band that curated the festival

I assume Lou Reed needs no introduction.

The Walkmen – “Little House of Savages”: mp3
Modest Mouse – “Gravity Rides Everything”: mp3
The Velvet Underground – “Jesus”: mp3

Day 2 coming soon.


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