The National’s "Boxer": Now In Stores!

Photo by David Greenwald

One last reminder: The National’s Boxer came out yesterday. If you’re going to buy and love and cherish one album this year, it’s the one. Think I’m being hyperbolic? I still don’t think anyone’s put a record better than Alligator in the last three years. But if you need more convincing, I reviewed it for the Daily Bruin. (And yes, I’m obviously aware that “Ada” isn’t supposed to be written in all caps. Talk to my copy editors.)

The National – “Fake Empire”: mp3
The National – “Mistaken for Strangers”: mp3

Sufjan plays piano on “Ada,” by the way. Yes, that Sufjan.

(Boxer is out now on Beggars Banquet; see my photos of the National’s Oct. 2006 performance here)


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