Ambient Series: Pantha du Prince

Pantha du Prince makes minimalist house. That’s right. For the longest time I hated house and was under the impression that it meant really dumb, repetitive beats and skinny, sweaty kids doing drugs and waving glowsticks. Apparently I was wrong. This record cruises along at 120 BPM (well, maybe. I have no idea, really. But it’s a medium tempo!) and is content to freak you out quietly — there are no huge samples or drum breaks or instantly recognizable Daft Punk riffs. And it works, because you get so into the synth tones and the spacey groove that when a break does finally come, you are so, so ready for it. As far as electronic music goes this year, this is a much stronger effort than stuff like the Field’s From Here We Go Sublime or Kalabrese’s Rumplezirkus.

Pantha du Prince – “Asha”: mp3
Pantha du Prince – “Saturn Strobe”: mp3

(This Bliss is out now — in Germany. Check out more at Pantha du Prince’s website)


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