Cuban Linx #12

Photo by David Greenwald

Pitchfork interviews the Clientele (pictured above) and makes me seriously regret not getting to talk to them after their show the other day.

  • The Clientele – “Bookshop Casanova”: mp3

Stereogum reveals that “DRM-free” iTunes tracks aren’t so DRM-free after all, at least if you want to send them to your buddies. I’ll stick to buying CDs and ripping them in V0.

An Aquarium Drunkard posts on one of my favorite jazz records, Cal Tjader’s Soul Sauce.

Floating Away has posted its monthly mix. It’s got Wilco, Elliott Smith and Bjork, among others, so don’t miss it.

Stephen King — one of my favorite writers — and Dave Barry have a rock band, according to the New York Times.

Self-promotion: I somewhat randomly reviewed the fantastic (read: my favorite) webcomic Achewood for the Daily Bruin — in the voice of the strip’s character Roast Beef. Let me know how well I pulled it off and uh ignore all the commas I totally didn’t put them in like that.


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