Cuban Linx #14

Pitchfork just compiled about everything Feist-related that they’ve reported on lately, but mostly I just wanted to post the incredible video above. The Reminder isn’t quite the masterpiece I was hoping for out of Leslie but it’s got a lot of heart, and as you can see, the new songs sound great live. Don’t miss her if she comes to your city. Did I mention that Sally from New Buffalo mostly wrote “1234?” Because she did. And her new album is wonderful. Look for a post on it soon.

The New York Times reviews the new Woody Allen book. Honestly, I’ve spent more time reading the guy’s books than seeing his films (minus Annie Hall, my second favorite movie of all time), so I’m excited to pick it up. Apparently he’s got another collection out as well, The Insanity Defense – which compiles several of his older works, such as Without Feathers and Getting Even, both of which I can vouch for as top-shelf humor writing.

Waves and Wires has a great recording of a recent Pipettes show with a bunch of new songs. Although considering the album still isn’t out here in the states, I suppose they’re all still new songs.

The Pipettes – “Tell Me What You Want” (live): mp3


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