St. Vincent – "Marry Me"

Take my wife, please!

St. Vincent’s Marry Me is, without a doubt, the year’s strongest and most captivating debut album. St. V – an ex-Polyphonic Spree-er named Annie Clark – twists pop music in ways that are at once shocking and totally seamless. Take “Your Lips Are Red,” a song that starts out as heavy and ritualistic as anything on the new Liars album before shifting into string-laden chamber pop. Or “Now. Now,” which drops Clark’s lovely voice into a beat-driven folktronica swirl. Rufus Wainwright should get her to produce his next album, no kidding. My personal favorite is the arrow-in-the-heart title track (“Marry me, John, marry me, John, I’ll be SO good to you!”).

St. Vincent – “Now. Now.”: mp3
St. Vincent – “Marry Me”: mp3

(Marry Me is out July 10 on Beggars Banquet)


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