Busy P & Justice: Good for Nothing

photo by .cobrasnatch.

You should be thankful, Internet, ’cause I’ve got a gem for you today. Behold: in nearly 180 minutes of glory, a set spun live by the Ed Bangerites Busy P & Justice in January at Nitsa Club in Barcelona, Spain. The audio originally surfaced at gdfn.net and the set’s tighter than a vice grip.

Sadly, I couldn’t find a tracklist for this (although I know one exists somewhere), but among others they drop Daft, Spank Rock, Timberlake, the Ronettes, and of course, “We Are Your Friends.” Enjoy.

Busy P + Justice – Good for Nothing (live at Nitsa): mp3

By the way, is anyone else in favor of Gaspard & Xavier taking on a full-album remix of …And Justice for All?