I’ve Got Time For One Last Kiss Before I Go

Photo by adobemac

Somebody call Brian Wilson and tell him he needs to file a lawsuit. “Last Kiss” rips off the Beach Boys so bad I can smell the sunscreen and see the California waves, which is pretty goddamn hard from over here on the East Coast – or as I like to call it, the land of rain and heat stroke. But the Explorer’s Club knows what I’m talking about, so it’s all right with me if they keep borrowing wholesale from the Boys’ surfer years. The harmonies are spot-on, especially the gorgeous chord at the 1:48 mark. Wilson probably wouldn’t mind taking credit for that, or for the band’s wonderfully naive take on summer love. God only knows we need more of that these days.

The Explorer’s Club – “Last Kiss”: mp3

(The band doesn’t have an album yet, but keep your eyes peeled for a single in the fall and a full-length next year on Dead Oceans)


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