Jan from "The Office": Executive, Jazz Singer

Courtesy of NBC

Fans of The Office (aren’t we all?) are well familiar with Jan Levinson, Michael Scott’s neurotic boss and on again, off again girlfriend. But under that business suit and new boob job are a real set of pipes. As You Ain’t No Picasso pointed out, actress Melora Hardin, who plays Jan on the show, has a couple albums out — and they’re good! Judging by the tunes available on her website from Purr, Hardin favors the swanky style of the WWII era: “Teenager” is a sweet jazz ballad that showcases her vocals, while the sillier Cuban pastiche “Dial ‘O’ (On the Little Pink Telephone)” is, well, silly. Put it on during the scene where Jan’s trying to get Michael to sleep with her in the bathroom.

Melora Hardin – “Teenager”: mp3
Melora Hardin – “Dial ‘O’ (On the Little Pink Telephone)”: mp3

(Buy 2000’s Purr and get a personal signature from the singer-actress on Hardin’s site)


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