Shout Out Louds: "Tonight I Have To Leave It"

Photo by Nika

“Tonight I Have To Leave It,” the first single from the Shout Out Louds’ upcoming Our Ill Wills, wants to be “Young Folks” so bad you can taste it. The silly percussion, the epic strings, the breathy vocals … having keyboardist Bebban Stenborg sing the song with Peter, Bjorn and John at Coachella this year must’ve rubbed off (not to mention having one of those guys producing the record). But Adam Olenius takes the lead on “Tonight…”, and it’s his singing that distinguishes the song and makes it a great tune in its own right. Or at least makes it sound like Robert Smith from the Cure is singing instead of Peter or Bjorn.

Shout Out Louds – “Tonight I Have To Leave It”: mp3

(Our Ill Wills is due on Sept. 11 from Merge)


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