The Main Drag – Yours As Fast As Mine

In the first of what I hope will be a Sufjan-sized avalanche of blog postings, The Yellow Stereo wrote about the new Main Drag album recently. The album is entitled Yours as Fast as Mine and is due on July 19 — it’ll be the group’s second, following the thoroughly excellent Simmer in Your Hotseat. The new disc eschews some of the band’s more straightfoward indie-rock influences (John Vanderslice, Nada Surf’s recent stuff) in favor of the electro-glitch/rock hybrid explored recently by the Notwist and, to an extent, Thom Yorke.

More to the point, they nail the new sound. Singer Adam Arrigo doubles as an excellent studio tech, and the songs are dark and thick and pulsating. The writing is as sharp as ever and, like the debut, this is a great record. I’ve heard little else this year that’s so nakedly passionate or as immaculately produced.

Now, the band’s violinist is a good friend of mine from the pre-Main Drag days, but that said, you don’t have to trust my (potentially biased) opinion — the group won’s songwriting contest, knocking out Bishop Allen along the way. Somebody give these guys a record deal.

The Main Drag – “Swine Houses”: mp3
The Main Drag – “Love During Wartime”: mp3

(Hear more and buy the self-released album direct from the band on MySpace)


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