Cuban Linx #32: Radiohead, St. Vincent, Rod Stewart

As expected, Radiohead’s seventh album is finished and won’t be out until next year as the band locks up a record deal, according to ateaseweb. Odds of it leaking between now and, say, spring 2008? Pretty fucking good. In the meantime, check out the LP7 live versions preview I put together a few weeks back and this killer one-off version of “Arpeggi” that Thom and Johnny did at the 2005 Ether Festival (via P4k).

The Torture Garden interviews Rawkblog fave St. Vincent and finds frontwoman Annie Clark as witty as ever.

An Aquarium Drunkard rightfully praises the early Rod Stewart catalog. I’ll admit to owning Stewart albums from the early years to embarrassingly far into his “DO YA THINK I’M SEXY” phase.


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