You’re Too Young

Via Stereogum: The So You Think You Can… dancers rocked it to Junior Boys’ “In The Morning” last night.

This is as good a time as any to admit I was totally, 100% wrong about So This is Goodbye when I called it out last year. It’s a great, great record, and ironically one of the few 2006 discs I still have on rotation (the others: Math and Physics Club, Clipse and Maritime. I listened to Ys for the first time in like six months the other day and still loved it, though.). I guess what I initially heard as emptiness was just space and subtlety; headphones and sheer genius of “Like a Child” finally got me into the rest of the album. Any albums from ’06 (or, for that matter, from before last week) still on your iPod? I’m waiting for the guy who says he only listens to albums that aren’t out yet – I know you’re out there, and you probably board on Hipinion.


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