Baby, I’m Yours

Math and Physics Club’s self-titled debut remains one of my favorite albums of 2006, a pristine collection of Belle & Sebastian twee distilled down to four chords and the (precious, broken-hearted) truth. But just as that album was a leap forward from their early EPs, the group’s latest – the just-released Baby I’m Yours EP – finds them shifting directions, adding a little more production to their winsome, tuneful pop. The title track replaces the band’s trademark acoustic guitars with electric ones, a move I won’t call an improvement, exactly, but one that certainly doesn’t disappoint. Later, “Nothing Really Happened” – the best track on the disc, and apparently one of the band’s earliest songs – narrates the all-too-familiar futility of another wasted night out, while “Do You Keep a Diary” dabbles in unexpected electronic elements.

Math and Physics Club – “Baby I’m Yours”: mp3

(Baby I’m Yours is out now on Matinee Records)


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