Lists: Blender’s Worst Lyricists in Rock

Self-described “music biz vet” Bill Janis probably writes better lyrics than his idol Sting.

I know, I know, you’ve been waiting so patiently and finally it’s paid off: Blender has published its list of the 40 Worst Lyricists in Rock. Kevin Federline apparently writes better lyrics than some 29 people. Who knew?

I think it’s a little interesting that many of these lyricists – including the #1 pick – have penned wonderful lyrics as well as poor ones, but such is the fickle staff of this glossy, I guess. It’s worth noting as well that they included a few non-rock musicians. Is Common the Sting of hip-hop? Discuss. See the list after the jump. [Continue reading…]

Tearing up others’ furniture to make yours look better:
40. Anthony Kiedis
39. Billy Corgan
38. Paul McCartney
37. Bryan Adams
36. Common
35. Dashboard
34. Rollins
33. Diddy
32. Matisyahu
31. Carly Simon
30. K-Fed
29. Timbo
28. Greg Graffin (Bad Religion)
27. Will Jennings (“My Heart Will Go on”)
26. Simon LeBon
25. KRS-One
24. Fred Durst
23. Robert Plant
22. Jon Bon Jovi
21. Alanis
20. Ryan Ross (Panic! at the Disco)
19. Queensrÿche
18. Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)
17. Jon Anderson (Yes)
16. Ben Gibbard
15. Bernie Taupin
14. Will.I.Am
13. Everyone who wrote lyrics for Genesis
12. David Crosby
11. Larry Henley & Jeff Silbar (“You Are the Wind beneath My Wings”)
10. Jim Morrison
9. Donovan
8. Diane Warren
7. Paul Stanley
6. Tom Marshall (Phish)
5. Dan Fogelberg
4. Noel Gallagher
3. Scott Stapp
2. Neil Peart
1. Sting