Live: James Howarth @ The Troubadour, 11.23.07

All photos by David Greenwald

This post-Thanksgiving show was my second time seeing James Haworth, a new Los Angeles group just getting its feet wet on the live circuit. Opening for a smattering of other local acts, the band members carried themselves well… outside of lead singer Haworth’s ridiculous sun glasses. As you can tell, the Troubadour ain’t the best-lit venue in the world. Also unnecessary were his occasional dips into Jason Mraz-like blue-eyed scatting, a stylistic device that seemed at odds with the band’s woozy, Buckley-fueled jams. When the singing turned more soulful, he (and the airtight band) seemed much more at home.

Full disclosure: The band’s keyboardist and producer extraodinaire, Jarrad Kritzstein, is helping me on my album but don’t let that get in the way of your enjoyment of these photos. More of them after the jump. [Continue reading…]


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