Cuban Linx: Radiohead to play Los Angeles, debut at #1

Nasty Little Man, Radiohead‘s longtime PR company announced that yes, the band will be performing in U.S. cities! No venues or dates yet – not even a ballpark range – but when they do show up, California’s got a good chunk of the In Rainbows tour lucky charms, with shows confirmed at San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco as well as L.A. Absent from the list is Indio, though that doesn’t mean the band can’t spring a Coachella headlining gig on us in a couple months. Despite a broken street date that saw Rainbows bow a week early, it still scored this week’s #1 spot on the Billboard charts with its official release, selling 122,000 copies. Not bad for a band that gave its record away for two-and-a-half months first, but a far cry from Hail to the Thief’s 300k. Mixed signals?! What does this mean for the future of the record industry!?


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