Who Watches the Watchmen?

Justice, apparently. Losanjealous captured one of the French DJs sporting the iconic smiley-face image at their HARD NYE show last week. Nice to know somebody in electro-land reads comic books. Meanwhile, the Watchmen movie is still in production and though cantankerous writer Alan Moore is the opposite of excited, illustrator Dave Gibbons had good things to say about a recent set visit:

On the movie backlot, like a sailor on shore leave, I gawp in wonder at a New York City that never really was. Once a Canadian lumber yard, it’s become a complex of American city streets. At the corner, a Treasure Island store promises a bounty of pulp thrills; down the block, the Gunga Diner beckons, fully fitted out in chrome and purple leather and, over there, the Rumrunner sign looms luridly. Even the austere facade of the Institute For Extraspatial Studies can’t spoil the gaudy fun.

So, at least it’ll look good. Raise your hand (or post in the comments) if you’re still worried Hollywood’s going to ruin yet another Moore adaptation.

Justice – “D.A.N.C.E.”: mp3


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