Let’s Update My Los Angeles Blogroll

I eat here weekly / Photo by David Greenwald

Here’s what I have in my blogroll right now for Los Angeles music and MP3 blogs – more generalized sites like Losanjealous have their own listings. I’ve met a fair number of these fine folks IRL* and can vouch for their quality, but it’s the rest of L.A. I’m worried about. Who am I missing? And who’re your favorites?

An Aquarium Drunkard
Buzz Bands
Floating Away
Hate Something Beautiful
Passion of the Weiss
Rewriteable Content
Rock Insider
Radio Free Silver Lake
Inflight At Night
You Set The Scene

And while we’re updating, pals, why don’t you go ahead and join the official The Rawking Refuses To Stop! Facebook group? You know you want to!

*In real life, obv.**