"Flight of the Conchords" to return January 2009

Flight of the Conchords season 2 will bow in January

From MySpace:

All of you: Flight of the Conchords, will there be a season two?
Us: How did you find us here?

All of you: If there is a second season at all, when will it air?
Us: Please, how did you find us here? How did you rally together like this?

All of you: Answer the question.
Us: Yes we are working on season two of the show, it looks like it will air in January of next year.

If that’s too long a wait for you (it definitely is for me), the band’s debut album comes out this month on Sub Pop. The new ending of “Bowie” is unreal.

Flight of the Conchords – “Ladies of the World”: mp3

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