High Places: A Band That Sucks

Not that me bashing buzz bands is anything new around here, but I’m watching this video and I can’t see how anyone would think anything other than A) It’s watered-down Animal Collective with a girl singer, and B) It’s chick-singer Animal Collective karaoke, what the hell, why am I watching this?

I can appreciate musicians who use beats in their live sets, whether it’s a rocker like Jens Lekman or Chad VanGaalen or someone all digital like Daedalus or Baby Dayliner, but at least those dudes give you something to watch or focus on musically. A band that plays it halfway like this one, or worse, the Honeydrips, just looks and sounds awkward in comparison. (And no, High Places don’t sound any better if you stay home and listen to the MP3s.) What do you guys think?


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