I’m Not Coming To Your Party, Girl Talk

As 3Oh!3 would say, “I’m not coming to yrrr party, guuuuurl!” A few thoughts before Girl Talk‘s Feed the Animals shows up at every stupid party and/or social gathering I go to all summer:

1) This album’s like, super-illegal right? If he made any significant money on it, there are about 500 rappers who’d be ready to sue, and that’s just the first song; how is he parading this shit around on Pitchfork without getting slapped with a subpoena?

2) The whole concept of Girl Talk is based entirely on the shock value of hearing Sample A over Sample B for just long enough to hold your attention until Sample C. This requires too much attention to effectively dance to; the total lack of any attempt at song structure doesn’t help on this front, either. Album sounds great once, on headphones while sitting in front of your computer looking up the samples on Wikipedia.

3) In fairness I don’t really like DJ mixes or, frankly, dance music, but I don’t really think what Gillis is doing here is comparable or particularly club-ready. This record certainly sounds fresh and labor-intensive and dude deserves some credit for spending way too much time planning this all out, I’m just not sure what it accomplishes besides being a pretty fun exercise.

3) I’d like to thank Gregggg Gillis for giving me the “I don’t really like Girl Talk” option on the poll that shows up when you don’t pay him any money to download his record.

4) Oh man, the “Steal My Sunshine” sample. lolz for days. Bookending the album with “International Players Anthem (I Choose You)” is pretty great, as is the extended “Roc Boys” over “Paranoid Android” section in “Set It Off,” which would be jam of the year material if it lasted for longer than a minute.

5) So, uh, I just listened to this again and now I kinda like it. Next stop, zeitgeist/alcohol!

Girl Talk – “Set It Off”: mp3


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