Panther rips the ’80s a new one

Flashdance = Not IronicStumbled upon this MySpace missive from Panther (dudes are at Spaceland on Saturday; I recommend going to catch Plants and Animals and peacing out) and couldn’t resist reposting:


what the fuck is going on with this ongoing fascination with the 80’s..bands co opting to the very last detail of synthy 80;s pop??,,,PANTHER played a show last night with this band, yelle from france,,,,they played well, but i cant help but notice, they had no identity?? then i saw graffiti on the wall opf the bathroom and it read: ” fuck art, i just want to dance”,,,then it hit me like a ton of bricks,,,,its true,,,dance music ,now ,is the antithesis of art and it makes me so sad that PANTHER is associated with it,we got pigeon holed and now we get asked to play these horrible” dance parties” we only do it because we get a shit ton of money,,,,what happened to art dance music like arthur russell,cabaret voltaire,,,etc…etc….i feel like dance music is a seeping sore on the back of art,,,i understand the times,,,yes,,, life is fucked and we neeed an escape,,,,but look at previous times,,,,art was NEVER as vacous as it is now,,,,,i feel terrible for all the drunk dummies at the show last night in their ironic 80’s rave wear,,,there is so much more!!!!!!!! maybe im being dramatic, but lately i have beeen wanting to get away from that garbage….

Apparently getting from “that garbage” means sounding like the Beatles’ druggier, Eastern-influenced moments, but smoking marijuana is obviously way more meaningful than downing a bottle of vodka. (Or learning to type.) Kids these days, amirite?

Plants and Animals – “Faerie Dance”: mp3