Awesome: Elton John Made Ben Folds Call Ryan Adams

Worlds Colliding Department:

“He actually made me call Ryan Adams once,” Ben Folds told Vulture today. “‘You guys are from the same neck of the woods, why don’t you call him?’ ‘Well, uh, I don’t know…’ ‘Well here’s his phone number, call him.’ So I called him, and it was like, ‘Uh, hey Ryan, didn’t I see you in Raleigh in like, 1991?’ ‘Yeah, yeah.’ ‘Uh, Elton wanted me to call.’ ‘Yeah, that’s cool. All right.’ That was pretty much it.”

Both dudes have new albums out or on the way and will be in L.A. over the next couple months. I haven’t heard the new Ben album yet, but I’ve been enjoying the press tour minus all the jabs at Songs For Silverman, which was a really sweet, serious album after the stumble of Rocking the Suburbs. Bands/artists trash-talking their old records (R.E.M. holler) tends to leave a bad taste in my discography-owning mouth.

Ben Folds – “Emaline” (solo demo): mp3