Videos: Elliott Smith – "We’re All Friends Now," "Last Boat Leaving"

Well, holy shit. Here’s a video from 1995 of Elliott Smith playing a song that’s being called “We’re All Friends Now,” which nobody knew existed until yesterday. Apparently this and a number of other videos that have just popped up belong to Elliott’s old friend Mary Lou Lord — see the rest of this set, featuring songs from Elliott’s self-titled album, here. You can see why he didn’t play this one much: it’s a little undernourished next to the heartier fare that made that album, but I can hardly complain about two more minutes of pretty beautiful music to add to the guy’s endless canon. After the jump, another rarity — Elliott playing a minute of Elvis Costello’s “Last Boat Leaving” at a soundcheck, and better, some asshole at the mixing board calling him “bro.” [Continue reading…]

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