A Word On The Grammys

Radiohead, the best band in the world, are in the running for Album of the Year for a third time. They will likely lose to Coldplay, a slightly more financially successful but infinitely more populist act, who owe their entire careers to Radiohead and a couple of really good singles from like 2002. I don’t care who’s handing out the awards, this is a bummer. Good thing Robert “Too Old For Zep” Plant is going to win the category all Herbie Hancock style.

Also, I don’t really like M.I.A. as a musician or a human being, frankly, but she gets two thumbs up for being mad pregs and showing up dressed in this shit.

A few more words later, maybe, depending on how awesome Radiohead’s performance is.

Update: Al Green and Justin Timberlake just killed it, high-five, universe!
Update 2: The Jonas Brothers are taking this playing with Stevie Wonder business seriously. Almost as serious as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift singing about the angst of small town 15-year-old girls. Um, holla @ u lata, Teen Choice Awards?