New Music: The City And Horses – “Little Finland”

The City and HorsesOnce a nerd, always a nerd, I guess. This probably explains my lingering fascination with both superhero movies and male-sung indie pop, in which I can usually hear puberty and Magic: The Gathering peeking out from behind the vocals. The City and Horses are a textbook case, which also probably explains why dorkstress extraordinaire Charlyne Yi (girlfriend of our hero, Michael Cera) tapped them to help soundtrack her lovey-dovey sorta-doc Paper Heart. “Little Finland” hits all the right notes: teddy bear lead guitar, wind instruments borrowed from Belle & Sebastian, and wistful lyrics about a girl who’s “not innocent.” “Oops, I Did It Again” this ain’t, but you may find yourself dancing anyway. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find my Shivan Dragon.

The City and Horses – “Little Finland”: mp3

(The City and Horses’ debut album, I Don’t Want To Dream, is out now on White Shoe Records)


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