Live: Azita @ Echoplex, 5.10.09

Azita at the Echoplex
All photos by David Greenwald

Listening to her recent records, it’s easy to see why Dan Bejar likes Azita — apparently a noise-rock vet, her shambling piano pop and dramatic enunciations aren’t so far removed from Dan’s own approach as Destroyer, last night’s headlining act. But in her opening set for him, Azita’s limitations became imminently obvious: she sounded like Joanna Newsom channeling Bruce Springsteen’s grandma. As 30 Rock‘s Jenna Maroney would say, “That’s a dealbreaker, ladies!” Which is a shame, given that her songs themselves — theatrical, jazz-tinged corkscrews — are likable enough. The vocals are more palatable on her latest album, How Will You?, but if you’re going to see Destroyer on this tour (which I will thoroughly recommend in a forthcoming post), well, no need to be first in line.

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