Spencer Tweedy Has Become A Man

Spencer Tweedy Bar Mitzvah
Photo via SpencerTweedy.com

Enterprising Wilco fans may remember Spencer Tweedy as the adorable scamp playing air drums with Dad in the documentary I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. Well, he’s all grown up now — he’s had a Bar Mitzvah! Not only that, but he’s written about it in the best blog post imaginable (dude’s 13 and writes with the enthusiasm of a golden retriever and the eloquence of a 20-something straight from Precociousville), where he revealed that dad Jeff sang Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” at the Jewish rite of passage. This warms my Hebrew heart. Read Spencer’s blog — and you really should, he/it’s amazing — here.

As for Wilco, their latest tour doc, Ashes of American Flags, is out now and Wilco (The Album) is due June 30. It has a picture of a camel on the cover.

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