The Radiohead “Wall Of Ice” Debacle: WTF

Jonny in Oxon
Photo via Dead Air Space

So, to recap:

* Last week, a new Radiohead song, “These Are My Twisted Words,” leaked out of nowhere. As a rabid Radiohead fan, I can say it’s the first time anything has leaked from the band since Hail To The Thief in 2003.
* Said track came with an accompanying file that seemed to indicate an EP entitled Wall of Ice would be out on Monday, Aug. 17. (Ahem: Today.)
* On the commercial end, the band has a brand-new online download store they are presumably trying to get attention for. To that end, they released a charity single, “Harry Patch (In Memory Of)” in the last few weeks. An EP would be a bigger publicity push.
* Someone — not Radiohead — registered and pointed it to Radiohead’s new download store.

* Wall of Ice did not come out last night/this morning. Instead, Radiohead released “These Are My Twisted Words” for free (awesome) on their blog. It is the identical file that leaked. There is no mention of Wall Of Ice on the band’s blog, despite their obvious Internet savvy.
* Whoever owns is a sanctimonious prick who has the balls to write “Don’t just publish bullshit only to get hits on your webpage. Don’t just create your own stories after reading one post on a message board,” after deliberately registering a Web site to fuel the fire of this hoax. Fuck you, dude.

* It seems that the band probably leaked the song themselves. But, uh, why? Just to fuck with fans? Wall of Ice didn’t generate the massive interest that In Rainbows did — only a few of us (myself included) were freaking out on Twitter last night. And why would somebody buy the domain — just to be a dick?

* New Radiohead!

Radiohead – “These Are My Twisted Words”: mp3