Premiere: Very Fresh – ‘Marker’/’On Moot Point’

“Mind your own business, please,” Very Fresh’s Cindy Lou Gooden sings on “On Moot Point.” Her voice, thankfully free of static or reverb, flutters like a disdainful bird over a buried rhythm section — like Nellie McKay trying her hand at lo-fi. “Marker” finds her devoting a lovely melody to “teenage punks making out / because it’s a hot California day and they’ve had enough,” while a Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain-era guitar meanders underneath. More vintage than Fresh, to be sure, but Gooden’s slacker angst by any other name would still smell as sweet.

Very Fresh – “Marker”: mp3
Very Fresh – “On Moot Point”: mp3

(The Americana EP is out now and available below)