The Rawkblog Newsletter (Formerly Playlist Club) Is Now Open

Hi, readers. As some of you know, for most of the last two years, I’ve been sharing music and reviews via a subscription service called Playlist Club (previously dubbed Mercury Music). It was an experiment — to see if I could provide curation and criticism that’d be worth your money, and to see if people would be interested in having a single person — not a computer, not a staff with wide-ranging tastes — pick out two great albums to listen to every week and tell you about them. For the people who signed up, I’d say the experiment was largely a success. I thought a lot about what to do next over my vacation while Playlist Club was on pause, so as of today, I’m happy to announce Rawklist, the Rawkblog mailing (and play)list.

Rawklist is essentially a simpler, more accessible version of Playlist Club — and something I should’ve done a long time ago. To start, Rawklist will be delivered once a month. It’ll include links to: 1) A streaming playlist with my picks for the month’s best albums and singles 2) My best stuff for Rawkblog, Rawktumblr, Billboard, MTV and everywhere else 3) My favorite music writing of the month. I’ll be making mixtapes, too. In other words, all the good stuff in one place because you’re busy and I’m busy. Rawklist is free. In the future, it may have sponsors (sponsors: email me), but it doesn’t right now. The first one goes out on Monday. See you then.

Here’s the sign-up form: