The Wrens ‘Mixing The Album’

The Wrens

Let’s take a few steps back. After a reasonably productive ’90s and the critically acclaimed album Seacaucus, the Wrens fell into label hell with the company that would go on to sign Creed and become Wind-Up Records. 10 years ago next month, they released the triumphant, world-weary The Meadowlands on Absolutely Kosher and — still in label hell with the back catalog — went on tour with merch buckets of CD-R copies of the old records. A decade later, The Meadowlands remains an indie-rock classic, but the story of the sequel — despite, judging by their riotous live gigs, considerable fan demand — has been an epic on par with Beowulf. But the dragon-slaying appears nigh: the band has begun mixing the album, though Charles Bissell’s vocals and lyrics remain unfinished. Come on, guys! Do a Kickstarter or something!

If the Wrens release a new album this year, that’ll make three near-mythic follow-ups in 2013, joining My Bloody Valentine’s m b v and Miserere’s self-titled, the loose sequel to Sea Snakes’ 2004 debut. And it’ll rule.