Programming note

1) When I started blogging in 2005, photo hosting was an issue for Blogger so I used a free Flickr account to get images on the site. Eventually I filled up my space and ended up with four of them. I started a new one this summer once Flickr launched its terabyte accounts. In the interest of organization (and a lot of those photos being up under difference licenses), I’ve deleted all the old accounts, which means the first few years of images on this site are probably broken. I’ll fix them eventually, after the 2014-ish Rawkblog-becomes-iPhone-safe redesign.

2) My year-end lists are already up on the Oregonian, but Rawkblog versions will be up here next week.

3) Have I mentioned here yet that as of Oct. 1, I’m the pop music critic at the Oregonian? And I moved to Portland in August? Rawkblog: you hear it first.

I’m hoping to use this site a lot more next year, especially for the kind of frequent link-posting/commentary I was doing on Tumblr. Stay tuned.