Good News For Bloggers Who Don’t Really Like Modest Mouse

As of 4:30ish p.m. today, yours truly has been named a brand-new Contributor for Cokemachineglow. All official-like and everything! They’ll be printing my Okkervil River sometime next week – I’ll be linking it here (shameless self-promoter that I am) but keep your eyes peeled.

Also, jury duty sucks without an iPod. Help me get (another) one for the sake of rock journalism: FreeiPods.

I’ll take this update as an opportunity to unveil some continuing renovations to this site…

To your left, below the links to recent posts, you’ll see a list of “essential” reading. Beyond the basics, the links include the blog of Aaron Wherry, a highly enjoyable Canadian music journalist (think Nick Hornby in Canada), streaming audio from (I suggest tuning in to Greg Katz’s show The Manatee, which as far as I know is on Thursday nights at 10, but check the site), and Achewood, the funniest webcomic of all time. Read it start to finish and then start perusing the characters’ individual blogs – all of them are pure gold. Last but not least is Mr. Katz’s own blog, a flurry of political commentary, philosophical navel gazing, and facial hair. I guess what I’m trying to say is, show me some love, Soul Sides, and maybe I’ll link you too. I mean, oh.