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1. From 2005-04-26 – Sufjan Stevens – Illinois is UNSAFE (Rough Trade). don’t even think about uploading it. You know an album is awesome when it gets its own little news bulletin. First impressions of this from everyone I’ve talked to – posters, dB writers, CMG staff, trusted friends – have all been uniformly great. Album of the millennium?

2. I stumbled upon this site today. They had the ingenius idea of using the free mp3s from indie label websites – which are surprisingly plentiful, if not up to my 192kbps standard (much less LAME vbr –alt preset ridonkulous) – and making compilations out of them. And nice reviews/bloggy stuff as well.

3. My birthday is May 8 (Mother’s Day), so if you feel like it, I would like some DVDs and comic books.