“What are you getting decaf for?”

I’m getting old. But the night is young: this is probably the best idea ever. I know I just said that yesterday, but this is the real deal. More bands should hop on – you can only buy so much merch you already have. I’m sure the Decemberists are making a ton more money this way.

Oh hey, so dB Dave Matthews Band review, Cokemachineglow Liam Singer review, and a CMG One AM Radio/Daedalus concert review to top it off. While you’re over there, read Clay’s amazingly on-point Weezer review. Poor Rivers. Dude is trying so hard…I don’t know what to say.

(Except that you should download Liam Singer – “Father I See” and then buy the album so you can listen to “One Day” on repeat like me.)