Whoa, Nelly. (And new Smog tracks.)

New Message From Nelly, 4/25/05!

Hi everybody..how are you? I am going to write this message in a diary/jornal style, just so it feels more personal….Here is your quirky pop artist journal entry of the day. I am in los angeles recording my new album…woohoo!!! It is very exciting….I am thinking and writing and recording everyday…I hope to be finishing it up in the next couple of months…It’s got lots of surprises, so I can’t tell you too much right now, but let’s just say it’s a whole lot of fun!!!!! It is a whole other side of me!!! I have been going to shows here and there…..the K’naan show, the K-Os Show, the Death From Above show with Controller Controller in Victoria, BC. Death from above were musically brilliant- super modern- but at the same time -organic- metal…takes you away like few things do..practice responsibly…

This reminds me why I hate pop music: its practicioners are idiots. Plus she sounds exactly like my girlfriend’s ex. Yuck. Ironically, I can’t think of a better “quirky pop entry of the day.”

Drag City has a new Smog tune on their Web site, which is good but not quite as good as this one. (Thanks to Igoforwards for the heads-up on the second track’s awesomeness.)