Critical Backlash #5: Stylus sucks at liking pop music

This sounds like my friend Nathan’s little sister trying to tell us how much she likes Phantom Planet while we listen to Mission Of Burma, only worse.

Best quote: “The next single planned is “Who’s That Girl,” which will be very much worth a listen for any electro-pop fans as not only is it one of the best electro-pop singles I’ve heard recently, but it was also made with the help of top Swedish electro stars The Knife. It’s the most instant song on the album and seems to be a fan favourite.”

Wait, so I just add water and stick it in the microwave? Guys, please tell me this is a joke.

Oh, and just an addendum if you read their otherwise interesting look at the Billboard charts a couple weeks back: Hoobastank are awful and have no redeeming musical value whatsoever. “The Reason” should not have been a #1 song, I don’t care how much airplay it got or how anthemic you think it is. You are a rock critic! It is not ok to champion music that sucks!

2005 halfway point top 10 coming soon. I have to go listen to Sleater-Kinney again.


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